Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Top 5 Baby Products

As a new mom it can be completely overwhelming to try and find the best stuff for your baby. There are so many purchases I made that have been big regrets! Lets face it, baby stuff is expensive! So today I've compiled my favorite things for Gracie. Some of these things were impulse buys, some I researched and some I just bought because it was adorable and happened to work out.

This little giraffe was an accidental find and happens to be my number one pick. Gracie was about 1 month old and I decided to make a trip to Target by myself. As many of you first time moms know, this can be extremely scary! Gracie was being super fussy and I knew she was tired, but was having a tough time sleeping with all the bright lights and noises. I happened to be in the toy area and saw this cute little giraffe. I decided to try it while I was in the store to see if it really worked. I turned it on and set it in the cart. Gracie was asleep in minutes! It was miraculous! We've used this little guy for every nap time and bedtime since and it works like a dream. Gentle Giraffe is really soft and cuddly but not only that, it gives you 4 sound options, our favorite being the womb sounds. It has sound control, which I love, and a timer you can set at either 23 minutes or 45 minutes. It also has a little Velcro strap so you can attach it to the outside of the crib. No worries about it falling on your little one in the middle of the night!

I did a little research on these blankets before I purchased them. They are a little spendy but worth every penny! The picture above is from the Target line that Aden + Anais has. The Target ones are a little bit cheaper (especially if you find them on sale) than the ones you can buy from the website. Some of the reviews I've read say that the Target blankets are a little bit thinner. Since I only have the ones from Target, I'm not certain if there is a big difference.  These blankets are made out of muslin so they are really light and breathable. Perfect for swaddling! And the more you wash them the softer they get. They are also huge so I can even see Gracie using these as a toddler.

I'm going to add a 2.5 here because I love the Aden + Anais Security Blankets too! This is also from the Target line. I actually found my security blankets at Goodwill while I was still pregnant and bought them on a whim. They didn't get used much until Gracie was about 4 months old. She loves to chew on these and uses them to soothe herself to sleep sometimes. I really love that when Gracie's playing with these she accidentally wipes up some of her own drool! These are also made of muslin so they are very breathable and get softer the more you wash them.

I debated making this purchase for a really long time! One day I had a little extra money and decided to take the plunge. It was also one of the best investments I have made. Gracie plays with it everyday and loves watching the little mobile. I love this gym because: It's stinkin' adorable, it's easy to wipe clean (spit-up and drool are inevitable) and the little toys detach and you can hang whichever toys your baby loves to play with. The detachable toys can also double as stroller/car seat toys, which is awesome! Target also carries some matching toys that you can switch in and out. 

4. Bright Starts-Lots of Links
I have not yet met a kid who did not love these. I've even seen 6 year old's playing with them! These can be used for so many things and they are not at all expensive. Gracie loves to chew on these and wave them around. I have them everywhere; in the diaper bag, in the toy box, on her play gym and on the bouncy chair. These are definitely the go-to toy to have. I use these links on her play gym to attach different toys and change the height of the toys, so she can more easily reach them. If you make your own baby toys, its super easy to attach a little loop on it and use one of these rings. Walla! You have yourself a stroller toy!

Lastly, I have honest diapers. I was reading great things about these diapers while I was still pregnant but I just wasn't sure if I should get them. At first, I hesitated because I felt like they were a little expensive. I did a break down of the cost per diaper, comparing other 'natural' brands. These actually were about mid-range for cost. I wasn't sure if I even wanted to use a natural brand with Gracie because they are a little more expensive. While in the hospital, they put Pampers on her and within two days half of her tiny little body was red from all the chemicals. I knew right then and there that I was going to use a natural diaper. Honest diapers are hypoallergenic, free of chlorine processing and they have no additives like fragrances, lotions and latex. If you sign up for the bundle, you get a month supply of diapers and wipes shipped to you. Shipping is free! They have the cutest patterns and they change them seasonally so you don't get tired of looking at the same old diapers. You can choose when you want the diapers sent to you, which is awesome because you don't end up with too many or none at all. They also have an amazing referral program. You get $25 credited to your account for every referral who makes a purchase! If you'd like to try Honest diapers they will send you a free sample of diapers and wipes (you pay shipping). Here is my link http://honest.com/accept_invitation/299440

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